Butterfly Rainforest
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Thursday 07 April 2016
By Ron Caimano
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Artistic Butterflies and More

University of Florida Museum of Natural History

Butterfly Rainforest

Butterflies are challenging but satisfying species to photograph. They will test your patience and challenge your creativity. 

When photographing butterflies I try and practice the following techniques.

1. Use flash. It brings out the color as well as helps to freeze and motion.

2. Shoot pirpendicular to the wing if at all possible.

3. If the wings are full open focus just above the midpoint.

4. Don't forget that you are in close up or macro mode so depth of field is critacal.


I learned these techniques form one of the very best nature photographers around. That being Mr. Jim Urbach. Thank you Jim!


What is that dust on the wings of the butterflies you ask......maybe you don't ask but here it is.

The dust on butterfly and moth wings are modified hairs called scales. The scales have at least four functions, not necessarily on the same butterfly species: They form patterns of bright colors, sometimes with hidden ultraviolet pattern, that are used as signals to the other sex in attraction for mating.


What did I use to get these image?

Canon 5DM3, Canon 580EX2 Flash about 1/4 power, Canon 70-200 2.8 lens, Canon 500D close up lens attached to the front.


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