Yellowstone National Park
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Monday 24 June 2013
By Ron Caimano
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The thermals in Yellowstone are things you should seek out. This image was taken right outside Old Faithful Lodge. There you will find a winding walkway through this thermal field. I took this image while on my knees as close to the thermal as was safely possibe with a Canon G10 camera.Be Careful!!


Traveling can be a spectacular adventure for the landscape and nature photographer. By keeping an open mind you will find that there are an infinite number of great images to be taken other that the iconic ones you see all the time. I believe it good to have a list of those places available but don't become  totally focused on them. Keep an open mind as to what gets you photographic juices flowing and shoot it. As far as those "Must Get" iconic images go, challenge yourself to take them from a different prespective or different point of view that what you always see.  You will be pleasently suprised.

This image taken in Yellowstone National Park was a scene I came upon while driving to the Old Faithful Lodge one late afternoon. Certainly not an iconic image like Old Failthful but to me a pleasing landscape. After all if you like must be good!

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Ron Caimano - Thanks for the comment. It must be the travel planner that made it happen.............
Linda Caimano - Great photos and great trip with you and Jessica!!!