Yellowstone National Park& The Grand Tetons
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Thursday 30 June 2016
By Ron Caimano
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The images below are a sample of what you will see when you visit these two amazing National Parks. It only take about one hour at most to drive from one to the other along US26.

Here is the itinerary that we followed during our trip. It  gives you some idea on how to plan your vacation to Yellowstone National Park and The Grand Tetons.



1. We started our trip in Orlando,Florida and flew via Delta Airlines to Salt Lake City,Utah.

2. From there we rented a car and drove about 6 hours to Teton Village in The  Grand Tetons and checked into The Alpenhof Hotel. This is a Swiss Chalet. The rooms are small but quite adequate.  We were there three nights.

3. From there we moved to The Old Faithful Inn for two nights. This is an amazing place since Old faithful is right out the from the door. Take advantage of the viewing deck on the second floor to enjoy a glass of wine or your favorite cocktail.  We spent two nights here. In this area you will see the Geyser Basin, Mud Pot and Fumaroles

4. The last move was to the Canyon area in the northeast area of Yellowstone. This was a great place since you are close to all the canyons and beautiful vistas. 

5.  From there we took the red eye out of Salt Lake City,Utah and flew back home.


Helpful Hints:

A. Make reservations early. We had to change locations three times in order to satisfy out stay.

B. Plan your days. It's a big place, 2+ million acres, so you can drive and drive if you do not have a plan.

C. If you are a photographer consider taking the photo tour offered out of the Old Faithful Lodge. It's a 5 hour tour taking you to places you would not know were there. I found it very worthwhile.

D. We also did the the Chuck Wagon BBQ. You can book this out of Rosevelt which is a section of the park. The food was great. It is well worth it especially if you have children.

E. There is such a thing as a BISON JAM. We were caught in one for 3 hours. All the wildlife has the right of way.

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Ron Caimano - thanks. its truly a magical place. best to all
Pat Nichols - These are great pictures! Thank you for showing us what a beautiful and grand country we live in. The buffalo is my favorite. Jim thinks that I need to take photography lessons from you. Take care!
Ron Caimano - thank you Diane. have a great 4th my friend.
Diane Chenault-Parke - Best pictures I have seen of yours. I love all of them!
Zina Talsma - Beautiful pictures & great tips! Thanks so much for sharing Ron. I definitely would like our family to take this trip... Real SOON!
Carol - Love the photos. Sounds like a great trip. The National parks are so amazing. Seems like so many want to go abroad when there is so much here to see.