Sunrise at Cocoa Beach
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Sunday 14 February 2016
By Ron Caimano
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Sunrise on Cocoa Beach Florida

This morning I was treated to one of mother nature's true gifts, a beautiful sunrise. We arrived about 30 minutes before sunrise and captured some great photos in the civil twilight hour.  As the sun continued to rise the sidelight washed over the scene. Here you can see the shadows on the sand and the rich color on the guard shack.

For those interested, here is how this image was created. Canon 5DM3, 1/8 second, F11, ISO50, on a tripod, Singh-Ray Color UV Polarizer. Since the sun was at 90 degrees to the camera the polarizer was extremely effective.

I underexposed about 1/2 stop to deepen the colors. 

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Ron Caimano - Thank you Diane. I hope all is well. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Take good care.
Diane Chenault-Parke - Ron, That I a gorgeous image. And thank you for the lesson. It is so nice for you to share how you did it.
Ron Caimano - Thank you!
Linda Caimano - Lovely image.