Focus Stacking
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Thursday 28 January 2016
By Ron caimano
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Some of you may be interested in what workflow I used to create these images. Keep in mind it is not the only workflow but the one that works best for me.

What Gear: Canon 5DM3, Canon 70-200 f2.8 lens with a Canon 500D close up lense attached, Focus Rails, Tripod of course, Cable Release, CN-160 LED Video Light,Joby small flexible leg tripod

What Camera Settings: Aperaure Priority, Lense stabilization off, Mirror Lock up on, Cable Release,F18, ISO 400

What next: The idea in focus stacking is to take several images of the subject changing only the focus point. Here I took 7 images starting from the bottom of the flower and moving up. Note the F18 aperature. This is necessary because of the compression you get with the lens. Nothing changed except the point of focus. 

In LR apply Lens Correction to all 7 images. I deferred any other processing to the final image.

Now What: In LR select all layers. Go to Photo>Edit in>open as layers in Photoshop. This will take you to Photoshop and give you all your layers in one stack.

Next: In PS select all the layers and go to Edit>Auto- Align Layers. Let it do its thing

Next: right below Auto-Align Layers you will see Auto-Blend Layers.....Run it!

This will render your focus stacked image made up of all the layers you started with. Now you can tweak it to you satistfaction.

Have fun focus stacking. 


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Ron Caimano - Thank you Miss Winnie. Its a pretty cool workflow. Have fun! Give my best to Lauren
Winnie Gustafson - Excellent instructions, Ron. I'm going to try that. Your Rose is EXQUISITE!