Florida Polytechnic University
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Wednesday 25 February 2015
By Ron Caimano
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The purpose of this blog is to present different views, angles and graphics that I saw while visiting this unique architectual structure. Whether just visiting or interested in photography The Florida Polytechnic University is one of the most interesting buildings you will ever see. I hope this blog will inspire you to take a trip to the universtity and experience this one of a kind experience......Enjoy


Florida Polytechnic University is located about half way between Orlando, Florida and Lakeland, Florida. Take I-4 West from Orlando to Exit 41 then exit onto FL 570 west. Just follow the signs from there. The building is lit up at night. This shot was taken just before sunrise. Note that the pond in front of the building is perfectly calm. For photographers, I used an ISO of 160 and stopped down to F13 for a 5 second exposure. 


The building also looks great in black and white. It really highlights the structure. Give it a try. Let's keep going.

Don't leave after the sun comes up because things are really just starting to get interesting. The changing light offers great photographic opportunity. This shot was taken on the second floor at 7:25 AM. Sunrise that day was at 7:17am. All the photos in this blog post were taken with a Panasonic GH2 mirrorless camera. As you continue on you will see as the light interacts with the structure the better the light becomes. If sunrise is not your thing try late afternoon on into the blue hour just after the sun sets. Let's Continue!

As sunrise approaches have your camera ready. The light is spectacular as you can see in this image. Be patient and move around. You will be pleasently suprised at what the light will do. I did use a Singh-Ray Gold and Blue filter on some of these shots. If you don't have access to one no worries the light is still amazing

Don't forget to go inside the building for more great  photographs. These chairs and this interesting hallway are directly inside the front door and to the right. It's pretty cool and a good shot after the sun gets too hot outside. This was on a Sunday morning. The building opened at 8AM. Can you see a model posed here? I can!























Let's go back outside for some more ideas.........

What a great shot this was. Again, the colors and patterns offered by this structure are amazing. Look up and through the structure for some great graphics. Keep in mind that this was taken just after sunrise. Try it just before sunset and the results will be just as dramatic.

Explore the second floor while you are there. The light, patterns and graphics are fun to photograph. If you are not a photographer stop be anyway. It's worth your time. Here's a challenge for you. Try to get the curved structure to line up in the windows.........



I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please leave your comments and observations in the comment section below.

If you have any questions place them in the comment section as well. I will be happy to answer what I can.

Check in often. I plan on posting more interesting locations that I have visited along the way.


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Juan Betancurt - Hi there saw our photos and they are awesome. I was wondering is okay to just bring a model and shoot. I would try a weekend so it's not busy.
Ron Caimano - Tiffany, where are you located? Are you a model or photographer?
Tiffany - These are beautiful!!! Were there any restrictions to be aware of when shooting? As its a public university I would assume photographers/subjects are welcome. Can't wait to go!!!
Ron Caimano - Thanks Keith. Need to set up a model shoot there. With the lines and graphics it would be a unique shot for sure.
Thanks for the comment
Keith Baumbaugh - Cool images!!! And I always wanted to make a pit stop there; you've just given me a real good reason to!!!