Blowing Rocks Preserve, Jupiter Island Florida
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Friday 06 February 2015
By Ron Caimano
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The purpose of this blog post is to share the experience I had when visiting Blowing Rocks Preserve. I will cover where to stay, what to do and how I found the best way to photograph this unique place.  Follow along and enjoy.

Blowing Rocks Preserve is an environmental preserve located on Jupiter Island, Florida. It's about 2 hours from Orlando. It contains the largest Anastasia limestone outcroppings on the east coast of the United States.


As you can see the outcroppings are along the shoreline. They vary in depth and height presenting some interesting formations that interact with the water. The best time to photograph is at high tide.  You can download a free app, Tides Near Me, that will give you the tide information. Any time other than high tide and the water will not make it to the rocks. 



Plan to get wet, so wear a bathing suit and some shoes that will allow you to walk in the water and over the rocks. They are sharp and will cut your feet.  This was my first visit and I was not prepared, so me, along with camera and lens got covered with sand and water. A trip to Canon made all good once again. We learn from the mistakes of others.  The waves will catch you. The best vantage point is to get down amongst the formatiions and water level and time your shot to the crashing of the waves. It's quite an experience. The next time I go I will also have my camea in a plastic bag with just the front of the lens exposed.


The use of a polarizer is a good idea. It will help reduce the highlights in the water. I know that polarizers work best when 90degrees to the sun but I found that it did help. Time your shots to the peak of the spray. Also be aware of the water that may come up through the holes in the limestone. They make for some great captures.

For as long as the tide is in you will have the opportunity to photograph these limestione outcroppings. Each time the surf interacts with them you are presented a unique opportunity for a great photograph. One thing to take into account is the hours the Preserve is open. It does not open till 9AM and closes at 4PM. Plan on shooting sunrise at another location.









As you arrive in Jupiter look for the beautiful lighthouse. It's quite a nice place to watch a sunset. If you can take the time to visit it I would suggest going at sunset and wait for the blue hour. about 30 minutes after the sun sets. The evening we were there the sky was clear and the color was beautiful. I hope you have the same experience.  It's worth the time. They offer sunset tours to the top of the lighthouse. It's a nice view especially if the sky cooperates with color and a few clouds.



Look for the lighthouse as you enter town on Fla A1A. There is a nice museum there that is worth a short visit.














This is the view of the lighthouse form the U-Tiki Restaurant and Marina. The light is best here mid morning.


















If you take the sunset tour to the top of the lighthouse you will be able to view the inner workings of the light.  These shots were taken as the lens rotated. You will also learn how the ships read the light patterns to determine their exact lcation.


The guides are extremely knowledgable about this lighthouse. 


Beware there are 135 steps to the top.


Have fun!






Time to eat? Well we found that the U-Tiki Beach restaurant on Fla A1A was a great place. It's at the marina and across from the lighthouse. You can walk along the pier and boardwalk as the sun sets. It has plenty of out door seating, great food reasonably priced. Also check out the Shipwreck Restaurant across the street. Great boiled shrimp!



We found that the best and closest hotel was the Jupiter Waterfront Inn located on Fl A1A. It's a newly renovated property, reasonably priced and one half mile from The Blowing Rocks Preserve, lighthouse and restaurants.



I hope you enjoyed this post. Please leave me a comment or question. Have fun, travel safe and enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by....Ron

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Ron Caimano - hi Maybella i am thrill that you enjoyed this blog. there are many more locations i have visited listed as well. to answer your quedtions no i did not use a tripod. the bedt plsce id to get down in or near the wstef as possible. if there any orher questions i can answer please let me know. Ron
Donna West - Amazing photographs and information. Thank u so much for taking the time to share information and photography tips. I have heard of this location, but had a lot of questions. You answered a lot of them. Did u use a tripod? Do you have to walk out on the rocks? Thanks again!
Thanks again Ron
Ron Caimano - Well thank you Holly. It's a nice little get a way for sure. All the best in 2017
Holly - Ron, what a great blog! Thank you for and Linda sure don't rest!! I've been wanting to get down there, just haven't made it yet.
Michael Colon - Thanks for the information. Planning on going there this Sat.
Ron Caimano - Michael that great you Ivy and the children will have a great time. I can't wait to hear how you liked it.
Ron Caimano - Thanks Pete,
Its a great location. I am sure you will have fun.
Ron Caimano - Thanks Pete,
It's a great location.
Have fun and thanks for the comment
Ron Caimano - Thanks CJ I know you will have great fun. thanks for the comment
Carl Clay - Great tips for the preserve. Your blog has me wanting to go tomorrow LOL. Planning my trip for March. So, I'm glad I read this and will have the appropriate clothing and protection for my gear. Thanks for sharing your experience and the great shots!!!!
Pete Rems - Very nicely done, Ron. I was not aware of this location and your shots and explanations are really
right on. Will plan a day of shooting someday. Really enjoy your blog.
Reid Windle - Thank you for sharing these images and information!
Linda Caimano - Great and informative post. Thanks for the information......