Light Painting
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Thursday 06 March 2014
By Ron Caimano
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"The Rotary Park Pier" A Light Painting

This took two 2 million candlepower lights and a 30 sec. exposure. We painted it just before sunrise. The thing learned here is The Inverse Square Law with regards to the power of light. Simply put the power of the light weakens by the square of the distance from the subject. If I am at 2 feet from the subject and I move back 2 feet the power of the light is 1/4 that at the 2 foot distance. 

Once i tried it a few times this clicked in and I knew I had to have light on the pier for a longer time the farther along the pier we painted.

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"Easter-A Light Painting"

Light Painting continues to be a learning experience. From the day I took a workshop from Dave Black I have been hooked. I find it to be extremely challenging. The whole idea is to bring the subject or scene out of total darkness by applying the light. Where you apply it, how close you are to the subject and how long you apply the light results in a totally unique image every time. These three light paintings are all of the same scene. You can see the difference in the shadows and intensity of light from one to the other. 

As I move forward and do more light painting Ill be sure and post them. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.  Feel free to leave a comment. Your input is always welcome.

By the way...My favorite is the last one. Just Sayin'  






In the series below I used mannequin Madeline to practice the placement of the light. I used all white light on one image and red and white light to emphasis the dress on the other.

Madeline is a great model. She stays still for as long as necessary........

Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to leave a comment below. Your input is most welcome.




"The Yellow Rose"

The light paintings below feature everyones favorite, "The Yellow Rose". From these light paintings you can see where no two are ever alike. You are in complete control. Take special note of the way the light treats the flower as well as the colored pebbles. Light painting will give you a whole new understanding of light and how it works. Its facinating!

Enjoy and please leave a comment below. 




"My Violin"

What a creative way to showcase a subject.  When you light paint, you place the light on the subject where you want it. Starting out with a black canvas and a 30 second exposure you begin to paint light. What you get is different everytime. The added challenge in this painting was not to have any hot spots on the violin. That's why you must keep the light moving at all times. If you need to pass between you and the camera no problem so long as you are not in the light.



My friend George Crudo light painted the beautiful Ivette below. She had to remain toyally still for the enitre 30 seconds. Starting on her face and then across the body highlighing all her features and then the background really made for a beautiful portrait. Nice Job George! I was not able to light paint Ivy because of the way the stations rotated. I really missed out!

Dave Black's tip is to give your model a place to lean on or to sit. It will give her more stability. Ivette was so diciplined that she would remain still and not blink an eye. Try that for a full 30 seconds.Super Job Ivy!!


"Mardi Gras Float"

This is a painting of a Mardi Gras float . This was painted with a 2 milion candlepower light in 30 seconds. You have to move quick to cover the whole scene. I was lucky enough to be able to secure this sound stage and float for Dave's workshop

Below you will notice part of the float is out of focus. You  can make this happen during the painting process. Apply light on the part of the image you want in focus. Go to the camera and turn the focus ring. Go back and only apply light to the part of the image you want out of focus. It takes some practice for sure.

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"Classy Ivy and Classy Car"

Light painting master Dave Black,, painted Ivette against the red car. Here Dave used one stylus pen to paint the entire scene. Ivy's challenge was to remain perfectly still for the entire time. If she does not then she risks being out of focus, She was perfect. A beautiful painting was created. Great job Dave and Ivy. You are both an inspiration.


"The Trumpet"

Last but not least is "The Trumpet". I painted this with a red stylus light. Note how the focus goes soft as your eye moves towards the mouth piece. Light painting is a great way to express yourself creatively.  I plan to do more so stay tuned. For best results work in manual mode and manual focus.


Last but not least is "The Trumpet". I painted this with a red stylus light. Note how the focus goes soft as your eye moves towards the mouth piece. Light painting is a great way to express yourself creatively.  I plan to do more so stay tuned.

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