Beautiful Horse Country
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Saturday 11 January 2014
By Ron Caimano
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When photographing horse farms you will find fence lines everywhere. For the most part they are painted white which makes for great leading lines through the landscape. In your composition use this to your advantage. In this image I placed the fence well in the foreground. As it took your eye through the frame you ended up at the barn in the upper left power point. There was frost on the ground that morning

This is a photograph of a barn on Manchester Farms in Lexington, Kentucky. The spires on top of the barn are unique to this farm.

 I composed this image so I could talk about leading lines. It’s something that is often talked about so I thought I would chime in. You can easily see that all lines lead to the subject that I placed off center on the middle power point of the photo. Looking left to right your eyes follow the fence, grass, road, tree line, more grass, and another fence line. They all lead to the same place, the barn.

Look for these kind of compositions as you travel through this part of the country. With your camera on a tripod you can take your time, compose the image and take the shot. It’s evident that this image was captured late afternoon. Actually it was 5:50PM as you can see by the length of the shadows.

Canon 5DM3, ISO 250, F-14, 1/40sec, 70mm lens


Along the road in Ocala, Florida I saw these two having some fun.  Be ready to capture these rare moments. You will find that many times double fencing is around the pastures so a longer lens is good to have with you. This is to keep people away from the horses. These horses food is regulated so they are not to be fed at random. What there lineage is I don’t know but they are surely very protected animals. Always respect the rules of the game so those that follow you are welcome. The morning light was just right. I had to be quick and used a 24mm lens, 1/160 sec at F7.1. This was hand held not only because of the horses but the height of the fences made a tripod impracticable.

Just having fun in the early moning light. It you get there early morning or late afternoon you may find the horses in the pastures. Ocala, Florida



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