Zion National Park
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Saturday 06 July 2013
By Ron Caimano
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Patience is a must in all genres of photographs. Here I had to first determine where the sun was coming from and where I wanted to be. Then I had to be fast to get there and wait till the sun's reflection made it to the streem. Click I got my shot!

Zion is wonderful for all kinds of photography. Take time to look, see where and what the shadows form, be there and get your shot!

Canon 5DM3, 10AM, 17MM lens, ISO 50, F22, 1.3sec, tripod of course!


Weeping Rock in early morning light is the place to be. This rock is an easy 1/4 mile walk up a concrete path. The rock actually weeps water from deep within the canyon on a continuing basis. When you get here look up over your left shoulder with your back to the rock to see this composition. I like the way the rock frames the higher cliff that is in the bright sun light.

Canon 5DM3, 17MM Lens, ISO 50, F11, 2.5sec. Tripod of course.


The three parks, Grand Canyon,Zion and Bryce are within 120 miles of each other. Plan to allow enough time to enjoy each. They are very different. In Zion you are at the base of the canyon as compared to The Grand Canyon where you will primarily be at the rim. Take the time to look closely at the rock formations. You may find some shells or animal tracks that have been there for centuries. 

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