The Grand Canyon
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Wednesday 26 June 2013
By Ron Caimano
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Grand Canyon, Ron Caimano

The Grand Canyon is a telephoto lens to compress the foreground and background. You can readily see the beauty in the canyon as the sun begins to set and the shadows take over. Whether a photographer or not this is the time to be there.

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In photographing the Grand Canyon shadows make the difference. They give the canyon definition and really bring out the structure. This is a "Story Telling Image". As with any story it has a beginning, the tree, a middle, the mountains, and an end,the North Rim way off in the distance. All are in focus front to back.

One way to accomplish this is with a wide angle lens, F/22 and manually focus on the tree which is about 6 feet in front of you. To get more information of this and other great ideas check out Bryan Peterson's book Understanding Exposure.

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