Hello and thank you for stopping by to visit. Take a few minutes,relax and browse through my site for a sampling of my work. Pay particular attention to the section on "Light Painting" since this is what I have been focused on lately.

Originally from Rochester New York, I have been involved in photography since childhood. My very first camera was a Milolta that I used mostly shooting slides. Currently I live in Orlando Florida where photography has become a hobby to an obsession. I am involved on a daily basis either out shooting or editing photographs.  I am a past President of the Orlando Camera Club,www.orlandocameraclub.com, in 2014.

My camera has taken me all over the world. It is amazing the people you meet and the places you go when you have a camera in hand. Currently I am using the Canon 5DM3 and the Panasonic GH2 mirror-less cameras.

Currently my passion is Light Painting". It presents a lot of unusual challenges.

Enjoy visiting my website. Come back often I am always adding new images.

Happy shooting,



Recognition to Date: Nude Nite Orlando 2015 "5 Red Liufballons-A Light Painting

                               Leu Gardens Florida Oasis Publication and coffee table Book

                               Orlando Jai Gallery Art Exhibit sponsored by The Orlando Camera Club

                               Inclusion in the Mayor of Orlando's private gallery

                               Inclusion in Florida Oasis A Photographic Tour of Harry P. Leu Gardens Orlando Florida

                               Feature Photograph " Sunrise on Lake Moraine" in the First Baptist Church of Orlando main assembly area